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Disabling Port 445 Causes DOS on Network Shares

Don’t know if any of you have had any reason to disable port 445 on a fileserver, but I did and after a reboot, no one could access the shares on the server as well as other products like Pastel … Continue reading

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IPL Kicks Off With A Bang!

The Indian Premier League kicked off in South Africa to a very good start. Masses of fans packed grounds to watch their teams battle it on in Cape Town…but this is the amazing story of all this. A businessman found a … Continue reading

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World Conference on Racism

What a racket!! Delegates walking out, protesters allowed to demonstrate whilst a head of state is addressing the delegates…what is the UN coming to? I would expect this at a G8 conference or even a state’s parliamentary session…but the UN??

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Google Offers Free Music To China?? What am I Missing Here!!

Why is it that China gets all the free stuff. Software costs in China are close to nothing…hardware, well it’s all made in China so no arguement there… My argument though is why boost an already fast growing economy and … Continue reading

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Kutcher Hits the 1 Million Mark First

Celebrity Ashton Kutcher narrowly beat out CNN early Friday in an online popularity contest to see who could more quickly attract 1 million followers on the micro-blogging site Twitter. Kutcher reached 1 million about 30 minutes before CNN passed the mark. … Continue reading

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Is this it for The Pirate Bay??

A Swedish judge has found four men involved in a file-sharing Web site guilty of collaborating to violate copyright law and sentenced each one to a year in prison and 30 million kronor ($3.6 million) in damages. full story

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Larry King Hits Back @ Ashton Kutcher

“Do you know how big we are? Do you know what CNN is?!” Them fightin’ words — from longtime CNN host Larry King to Ashton Kutcher. King sent out the YouTube video (below) responding to the challenge Kutcher laid out yesterday to beat CNN … Continue reading

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