Tweetdeck…Such A Cool App

Hey, I’m sure by now all of you (my readers) are on twitter? And if so, please send me a follow request so that we can keep intouch status-wise 😉 . Anyway, I  just thought I’d share with you the fact that tweetdeck is just so cool. I’m a sucker for fast processing speeds you know, as in from the get go. I like it when my machine boots up fast and in no time I’m in fighting the fires that present themselves every now and then. This means that I try and keep away from loading tons of applications that just tend to slow down that process. Digsby is one of them. An app that incorporates 99% chat networks with the exception of Skype 😦 . Anyway, as good as tweetdeck is, I still prefer to use twirl. A very small and light app that dims itself in the background but still allows you to update your twitter & facebook status at the snap of a finger…well depending on if you are a 2 finger typing machine like me or a guru when it comes to keyboards 🙂 . The point I’m trying to push out there is instead of installing loads of applications just to meet your social needs, browse the net and find something that incorporates all in just one startup. I’ll post as I come across some, well only the impressive ones.

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3 Responses to Tweetdeck…Such A Cool App

  1. Arné says:

    I’m also using twirl,which is awesome(ness), and didn’t even know you can update your facebook status, now thats a new one…
    I’ve never given TweetDeck a try, but it look quite neat fro what I’ve seen and heard, will probably give it a try sometime…

  2. David Nathaniel says:

    I think Twitter is the most pointless social network ever created… someone either explain it coz maybe am missing something or just hand me a lighter and we burn the whole damn thing down!!


  3. Abner says:

    Hahahaha…funny but true.

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