Parallel Worlds

I know some of you might think of this as far fetched, but ever given it some thought…the fact that some things are just to weird to be true. Things like de-ja vu (a moment experienced that seems to have been experienced before in the exact manner), or even a strong feeling that something wasn’t right on the road up ahead and it turned out to be true? I sometimes feel like there is a parallel universe and at certain moments, I come close to an opening to that universe that makes me see what already happened in this one or vice versa. I know that God looks over His children and would warn you of a pending mishap. You know what they say though, “Everything happens for a reason”. I’m a bit confused now though, wondering why some things work the way they do. Care to enlighten me folks??

About Abner Udali

Forget computers, let's hack into life and make it what we want it to be!
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