Disturbing Fashion…or is it?

I’ve never understood why men sag their pants, not ashamed to show their boxers let alone their underwear. There was a place and time for all this back in the day, did it once and didn’t like or undertsand why my friends were doing it, but damn guys…grow up. I’ve seen grown men wear their pants on their knees in the name of looking hip and staying with the times. One word from me…disgusting!!

I know that there are better ways to look good and attractive to the ladies and sagging ain’t it. The only good that comes out of sagging is that the boys/teenagers/men who do it have to make sure their underwear is clean 🙂 LOL…but other than that, buy a damn belt that fits and pull up those pants guys. I’m out!

About Abner Udali

Forget computers, let's hack into life and make it what we want it to be!
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1 Response to Disturbing Fashion…or is it?

  1. art director says:

    I know you are talking abt me, lol

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