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United Lift Premiership Trophy

Hats off gents, to the boys in red and their manager Sir Alex Fergusson. It was a tough season with some good competition from all teams…including Stoke and Hull, Middlesborough and West Brom. I have to hand it also to … Continue reading

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Relationship Woes

It’s been a while since I touched on the relationship bug and I think my readers need to hear this…espacially coming from a guy. The time is 20H30 and the jitters begin. I’m at a pub having a Friday evening … Continue reading

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T.I’s Road To Redemption

Been watching the all new series T.I’s Road to Redemption Ep 1 and I must say it is an eye opener. Good to see this side of T.I…the side that really get’s in touch with the people in the streets, … Continue reading

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File Server Migration

I’ve had the question thrown my way a couple of times…”how can I migrate my file server from one server to another whilst retaining my UNC paths and NTFS permissions?”. Microsoft has made that easy for us with File Server … Continue reading

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Swine Flu – South Africa’s Possible Mistake

I’ve been reading up on this swine flu break and I must say the South Africa is taking this matter oh so lightly. This is obviously not a mere cold or flu that can be tackled with some orange juice … Continue reading

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