“This is Africa”

Ever had a conversation with someone or a group of people, that is either about service delivery,  the state of the roads, or even the role of the police in the country and as the conversation ends, one clown goes like “what did you expect, this is Africa afterall”. That just drives me up the wall! Actually, what does that mean “this is Africa”? Is it that Africa has set such a low standard that crap is an expected result? I’m sorry but FUCK THAT!!! As a matter of fact…I take that back…I’m not sorry for saying that…FUCK THAT!!!! I know Africa as a continent is still developing but who’s to say we are not unique in our own way. Hell, most so called “1st world countries” (though the roads may be nice in most areas, and corruption levels low), have worse issues to deal with than 3rd world countries. You have kids shooting each other in classrooms, made enemies all over the world and now cannot enjoy the 1st world benefits coz you are too scared that some terrorist will come and blow himself up in the mall where you shop. Fuck the bullshit! Just for the record, I have never heard an African (Black, Indian, or White) talk such rubbish.

I have a very clear philosophy about such people…if you don’t like it, why the hell did you even come here in the first place. Do yourself a favor and stop irritating us Africans with your vile mouth and just go the FUCK back where you think is better than Africa. Even go the extra mile and don’t ever come back on your honeymoon, or to tour the game reserves…Zanzibar, or the Kruger National Park are still park of the Africa you so hold with low esteem so just shut tha fuck up and stay the fuck out! Fuckin sue me!

About Abner Udali

Forget computers, let's hack into life and make it what we want it to be!
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