RIP Emmanuel “Lolly” Jackson

 Emmanuel “Lolly” Jackson, the owner of the Teazers chain of strip clubs, was shot and killed in Johannesburg on Monday. The controversial and colourful Jackson, who called himself “The King of Teaze” in his autobiography, grew up in South Africa though his early childhood was spent in the Congo, according to his website. The site describes him as a “diverse and interesting man” who was “not afraid to take risks to succeed”.

He started and ran a successful paving business and moved on to the Teazers empire soon after. The site also describes him as “no stranger to controversy”.

Jackson regularly appeared in the media – his controversial billboards advertising the strip clubs often raised eyebrows.

His penchant for fast cars also landed him in hot water with law enforcement agencies – he was caught travelling at 249km/h in his Lamborghini in 2005.

At the time, he said he was en route to church. He was again caught speeding earlier this year.

In 2008, he was cleared of fraud and immigration contraventions by the Edenvale Magistrate’s Court.

Last year, he was again hauled before a court, where he pleaded guilty to assaulting a former employee.

Last month, he appeared in a Randburg court on charges of extortion, kidnapping, intimidation and crimen injuria. The case related to a fight with former stripper and Teazers dancer Yuliyana Moshorovs’ka and her boyfriend, Michael Kalymnios.

Despite the negative publicity he received, Jackson in February reportedly said that he was really a “good oke” who donated to charity.

“Many of his detractors would like you to focus on the negative publicity that follows him around, but those that know and love him will attest to the fact that often the story gets a little jumbled up based on what he does for a living,” Jackson’s website said.

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