Strip Club Chain To Close Doors Today

Business partners, friends and family members arrived at the Teazers head office in Rivonia on Tuesday morning to discuss and grieve about the death of business tycoon Lolly Jackson. Jackson’s partner, Shaun Russouw, who runs the Durban branches of the strip-franchise, arrived at the Rivonia branch at 7.30am, armed with an automatic rifle. Russouw, who spoke to Lolly on Monday afternoon to discuss business matters, was shocked and deeply upset at the death of the man he had worked with for over 10 years.
“Everybody says Lolly was bad, but at the end of the day, he had a good heart,” said Russouw.

Sean Newman, spokesman for the Jackson family and Teazers franchise, informed the media that “no questions will be entertained on the crime”.

“We all want to see who perpetrated the crime behind bars, but anything said in the next few days could jeopardise the case,” said Newman, who confirmed that all questions related to the crime should be directed to Lt Colonel Eugene Opperman. “All we’re asking for is a bit of privacy for (the family),” said Newman, who explained that Jackson’s wife and children were ‘shattered, and (he could) only imagine how they feel’.

Newman also confirmed that all of the partners in the Teazers franchise would be coming to Joburg on Tuesday to meet, along with Jackson’s family to discuss the business and the crime.

According to a worker at Teazers who wished to remain anonymous, the police arrived on Monday night after the murder to inform Jackson’s son, Manoli, of the death of his father at about 10.30pm.

Courtesy of The Star Newspaper

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