ICT Gender Exposure – South Africa

I guess I have been too quiet about this growing issue but this is it…this is the time I let rip.

Why is it that in most ICT functions that I’ve been to, most speakers are normally men? Where are our empowered women in the industry and why don’t they get to present their views in such platforms? In my view, the fact that the IT industry is a male dominated industry is a growing concern…or are the ladies just taking a back seat and accepting a passover.

Last year I attended Internetix and it proved to be very empowering. Even better, I was so ecstatic at the fact that the organizers had invited Nombulelo “Pinky” Moholi – MD Telkom SA, to be part of the panel to discuss hot topics and answer audience questions. Quite unfortunate how we males tend to try and challenge a fellow colleague female to the point that our egos feel satisfied at the fact that we know more than they do. We tend to shoot down all they ideas without thought and even sometimes show lack of interest when in conversation with them…this sucKs! Nombulelo “Pinky” Moholi held her own though even with all the tough questions that were thrown her way trying to catch her off-guard. She really impressed me and I would like to see more head strong, well educated, empowered women stepping up and challenging the men in this industry.

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