Orange Mobile To Go Visual – Kenya

Telkom Kenya Chief Executive Mickael Ghossein announced today that Orange mobile subscribers are now able to watch digital television programs on their phones, reports Kenya’s Broadcasting Corporation.
This comes in response to demand from consumers for more value added services and immersive content in the mobile industry.
“Mobile data takes almost half the expenditure for most users and consumers are demanding more relevant content for their devices which now have better capabilities at more affordable prices,” he explained.
He added “For Orange subscribers, this will be possible due to our additional available broadband. Customers are thus able to gain a real-time experience using their mobile phone at speeds akin to watching their TV at home”, said he.
The service, Mr. Ghossein explained, is available in high quality broadcast standard, adding that it would offer Orange subscribers a much anticipated chance to watch the 2010 World Cup from their mobile phones.
DMTV, the owner of this service, has secured the rights to broadcast the 2010 World Cup on DSTV mobile.
He said, ‘’Given the need to stay up to date on the World Cup, coupled with the challenge of match times, we expect ardent soccer fans to look for any means that can deliver their favourite games live”.

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