*Beware* – Online Banking Scam

Here’s looking out for all of you out there. Those of you that are not too clued up technically and are bound to click before scrutinizing. I’m hoping David O’Sullivan picks this up and informs his listeners also of the dangers now facing South Africa’s internet banking, and other ICT industries as the world focuses on South Africa.

This is a scam and I think Standard bank should formally notify all it’s clients of this. If you get an email like this, delete it immediately.

I dug deeper into this and found that this is a site hosted on a Korean domain and has absolutely nothing to do with Standard bank.

First of all, the link points to a site called http://www.womancamp.co.kr. This redirects you to a similar looking internet banking site like Standard bank’s but the URL is actually http://jassipang.com. This is a hack site that would gather your information should you enter your details.

This tool was distributed by Standard bank to protect against phishing attacks.


Read up on it here http://www.mg.co.za/article/2010-05-18-standard-bank-clients-get-antiphishing-software or download it directly from the Standard bank site.

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3 Responses to *Beware* – Online Banking Scam

  1. Arne says:

    I’ve had numerous emails for Absa and Standard bank, and the SARS ones are even worse.
    Education is key, and I’ve been seeing the banks are going the extra mile to educate their users on the banking websites with notifications. If the users would just read the notifications that the bank provides.

    Standard bank is giving away FREE protection software for example : http://www.standardbank.co.za/site/Internet_Banking/rapport/get_yours.html

    As a result of the soccer, we are even more exposed to the world with the worlds focus on us, and the people actually seeing that here is more than just lions and elephants in the country.

  2. Busi says:

    Thank you for sharing, prevention is better than cure.

  3. Qume Eksteen says:

    I have also lost over R500 000. At no stage have I locked into a “phising Standard Bank” site. I have asked Standard Bank to proof to me that I was locked on a phising site. They have send out an IT person twice to download my hard drive and cant find proof. They refuse to refund me. Al that was changed on my profile was my cell number from 083 to 082 with the rest of the number unchanged, This happened in May 2010 and still I have not received an answer. What can I do?

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