A Winter Nightmare – A Chilling Reality

Long chilly nights, cold windy days and no roof over your head. All resulting ironically from a housing industry collapse here in America. Yet, this seems to be the typical story crackling through the frozen backyards, street corners and car back seats, now known to most as home. The American dream has become just that, a dream! If not a nightmare. The rise and fall of an empire. The famous wilderness cries of “timber” just around the bend. But look too far into the future and you will shed a tear or two, easily countable as they freeze halfway down your cheeks, because the generations to come are only getting worse. Education has taken a back seat as we observe hard work convert into short-cuts, we now speak in abbreviations and forget the beauty of language, a lovely new day – monday, though chilly, becomes a race to thursday and then OMG, TGIF!! Greed for money by way of celebrity is elevated because stardom has no age limit and our young parents, well…that’s just what they are now…young, try to accomplish their dreams through their children causing them to skip childhood. Big appetites and demand for the best deals as they come create a competitive market that resolves to satisfying by offering just that, cheap fast food deals that set us apart from the dinner table, you know, that table that used to inform our responsible parents just where their children stood in life….or in school! Which leads to my question, is there a better tommorrow? Doesn’t it make sense to re-visit yesterday in order to understand today and fix tommorrow….I’m just saying.

Well written by my brother Charles.

About Abner Udali

Forget computers, let's hack into life and make it what we want it to be!
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