The Simple Life – Much More To Be Gained

A while back I was chatting to my brother Charles who enlightened me on the way of living…a simple but very effective way of reaching your goals and feeling fulfilled at the end of every day. This had me thinking and honestly I was keen to give it a shot. Great thing is that this new way of life was something we all subconsciously did once…when we were young and irresponsible…but since we were at the age where nothing really stuck, we never realized the effectiveness of it. I’ll give you an example…

As teenagers, my brother and I spent very little time together as it only happened during the school holidays. See we both went to the same boarding school and he was 2 years ahead of me…which made him a ‘senior’. This meant that while we sometimes interacted after classes, we still had different cliques to hang out with most of the time. Well anyway, school holidays were good and after he finished high school, I was then left alone in school only to be graced with his presence during visiting weekends that used to frequent us students once every 3 months. It was hard for a while, but then I got used to it. Anyway, after I completed high school I had time as a certified (meaning I got my ID) adult to hang out with him and his friends…and my friends too. But not too long into my starting to get used to life at home did I learn that he was to go off to the US and further his studies. This called for one last party. A party that would have me remember him for a long time.

I was friends with lots of people and one of them was a close friend to my mom as well. This lady owned taxis in Westlands and controlled most of the taxi routes in that area. Needless to say, she had some of the best taxis around… [ ]. Anyway, dad and mom had left the city and gone to the country side (farm) for the weekend when I got a brilliant idea. “Why not throw my brother a birthday party?” I thought to myself. This was going to be his last birthday at home before leaving for the US…it was to be a day to remember. Only that there was one glitch to this plan, and a tricky one at that. My brother and I had been left alone to babysit our 2 cousins Brenda and Lisa and throwing a house party wasn’t going to happen. On to plan B it was.

I decided to chat to my friend and see if I could hire one of her mini-buses for a trip to a picnic site for the day. The plan was to leave the house early, get to the site in Nakuru by the lake, and be home by late afternoon in time to feed the little ones. Yeah right!! We all know how that worked out. Anyway, back to why I was writing this and you can ask me how that story ended later :-).

We have reached a point in life where we always think about tomorrow, the day after, six months down the line…we are setting goals for ourselves months from now and focusing on reaching them so much that we miss out on NOW. Think about it…why is it that we always feel like the year is moving so fast when we’ve planned to do something 3 months from now? We basically stay focused on the end date that we completely miss out on everything in-between. Sad thing is that in all that rush, we hardly even meet our goals and sometimes even give up along the way.

We need to know that life’s little treasures exist in the now and not the then. We need to live life and enjoy the ‘present’…the gift, letting tomorrow take care of itself. Back then as kids we enjoyed the present…accomplished a lot, and enjoyed doing it. Who ever said that growing up should be boring and uneventful? I mean, look at the Richard Branson’s of today, they are living life for now and doing it in style. Life is too complex to finally ever make sense…so stop trying to get to that place where you think you’ll eventually understand it, and enjoy what you have now. Who knows if it will still be there tomorrow. Enjoy that car, that job, that meal…most don’t have those luxuries or are so insecure that they never know when it will all go away.

My brother told me that the only people living for the now in this day and age are the homeless and disadvantaged. The ones that are thankful for their every meal everyday coz they never know when the next one would come. Live for now…achieve small victories that you break down for yourself at the start of every day, and enjoy the daily successes and achievements coz with small tasks, you are more assured to succeed. Thanks bro.

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