Many Of Us Go Through This At Some Point In Our Relationships

Sometimes I don’t get a chance to really to tell you
But I promise you my love will never fail you
Don’t you get it?
Right now we’re writing history
A thousand years from now they’ll talk about you & me
I know sometimes I go hard for no reason at all
Put your soul through the business and test the weight of your heart
But when you’re backs on the wall there’s a shortage of friends
You know that I’m with you until the end

Cause we got hood love, I’ll be cussing I’ll be screaming
Like its over
Then I’m loving then I’m feening just to hold ya
And thats how we do
You know that hood love is the good love
Thats me & you
How feel love?
Well I’m with ya never quit ya &
Now thats real love
When your ain’t here then I miss ya cuz
I still love the way we do
You know that hood love is the good love
Ya thats me & you

[ Verse 2; Mary J Blige ]
Sometimes I think about leaving you
But when I think about what we’ve been through
I get a feeling like it could be the worst
Cuz ive given u my best and I dont mind it
Thats fine
Cause when you loving somebody hard then you’ll love that way for life
You got all of my heart and I’ll never leave your side
I gave my words to love all the way to the end
So no matter what I’ll be right here
I’ll be right here with you


[Trey Songs]

Now I’ll play tough but not for too long
You are somone I depend on
No matter how I act sometimes I can never walk away
I thought about it plenty times but no can take your place

[Mary J Blige]
Ooooh and there aint no you, then there aint no me
And if there ain’t no us then I’d rather be by myself
Coz no one else can understand my history and treat me like I need


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