Smartphone Savvy

Microsoft (aka MSFT) Exchange Synchronization (Outlook E-Mail, Calender, Tasks, Contacts), Facebook App, Twitter App, Skype…all these have now become a set standard for individuals to be both productive at work whilst still keeping in-touch with friends and the ever changing world.

The times have fast moved from when Sentech mobilized laptop users with a portable modem, to Vodacom and MTN’s 3G USB dongle, to mobile phones with GPRS, HSDPA, 3G and 4G technologies. Nowadays it’s easier to access the cyber world with a mobile phone than it is to carry around a laptop/notebook…thus increasing the demand for smartphones.

Blackberry initially restricted their market to users that could afford additional hardware setup in their offices to integrate their mails, calenders etc with their mobile phones. However, in-order to stay as a major competitor in the market, Blackberry has now enabled the capability to synchronize with MSFT Exchange. In addition to this you can also communicate freely between two Blackberry devices, use Facebook, twitter, and other instant messaging applications.

Major players are iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile.

My personal pick that would suit both the white collar businessman as well as the young hip advertising agent…the Samsung Galaxy S. What the Gadget Show says about it:

The Basics

The Samsung Galaxy S is an Android 2.1-powered smartphone that sports Samsung’s TouchWiz interface that gives it some sweet widget touches. The other big selling point is the gorgeous 4-inch AMOLED screen.

The Good

With a 1GHz processor the Galaxy S offers speedy browsing through its menus and the beautiful 4-inch screen is a real gadget crowd-pleaser. Because it’s AMOLED it’s better, brighter and slimmer than many of its peers.

To make good use of this screen, the Samsung Galaxy S has excellent video playback. Where most Androids can play H.264, H.263 and WMV files, the Samsung Galaxy S can play just about everything. Divx, Xvid and MKV are all are welcome, and the quality of playback is great. Even 720p Divx and Xvid movies play without a hitch.

You can also record 720p HD video with the phone’s 5-megapixel camera too, and there’s video autofocus, making it a versatile little digicam.

The 16GB internal memory the Samsung Galaxy S gives you plenty of room. Not all of this memory can be used to install apps on, but with around 2GB of app space at your disposal, the Samsung Galaxy S has more room for apps than almost any other Android we’ve seen. When Android 2.2 lands, you’ll be able to use the full 16GB for apps.

The Bad

The plasticy build lets the Galaxy S down slightly. It means that the Galaxy S is lighter than any of its main rivals, but it makes the phone feel less of a premium contender in the Android market. This phone isn’t cheap, in price or in the quality of its features so it’d be nice if the build reflected that.

The Bottom Line

Minor niggles aside, the Samsung Galaxy S outperforms most Androids in several areas, especially in video capability.

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