BlackBerry Outage Affects Page Ranking – Facebook

The recent BlackBerry outage that lasted two and a half days got me thinking…BlackBerry services allow users to have continuous internet access to pages like

So how did this outage affect internet usage and in particular,’s rank?

According to, the number of internet users to the site dropped by 1.3%.

1.3% of 500,000,000 users is 6.5 million users. Could these be BlackBerry users in EMEA?

With all said, the stats clearly show how mobile technology is driving internet usage. Mobile companies like Apple, RIM, and Microsoft need to realize their influence in the internet space not only for people wanting to interact on social networks, but also the fact that they have made it possible for business professionals to conduct business from anywhere without the need for notebooks or even being physically present in an office. Therefore service outages like the recent BlackBerry one becomes unacceptable for it not-only disconnects the user from the world, but also stops business productivity.

I wonder how many of the mobile workforce (New Business Managers, Sales People, Marketers, etc) will now start carrying Netbooks and connectivity devices around to their meetings due to the lack of confidence in their Smartphones?

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