After A Long Absence…

Wow, it has been so long since I put thought to blog. If you are reading this as an original follower, I am honored that you still follow this blog. New readers, welcome. I am back and promise to share content worthy to keep you entertained during this tough time that the world is facing.

COVID-19…the Novel Corona-virus cannot be ignored. This pandemic has changed so many lives and lifestyles. Company Risk Policies have been put to the test and finally decision makers are listening to their IT personnel. Conspiracy Theories are spawning hourly, panic-shopping will soon become a word with a description in the Oxford Dictionary, World Markets are tumbling…the world was never ready!

The only advice worth adhering to is that of the medical professions and government…”maintain good hygiene, and practice social-distancing”. This is not a cure, but it will stop the virus from spreading thus buying the medical scientists time to test and develop a vaccine.

Unfortunately not all countries can afford to put in a disaster plan that includes locking down highly populated cities whilst making available a relief fund for businesses. Past fund mismanagement has put is in this position, and as much as governments need to take ownership of this and learn from it, we as the citizens also have a big role to play in making sure that we as well as our elected officials are held accountable for all we do.

Let’s starve this virus to extinction so that we can live to see a new tomorrow. The lock-downs are healing earth. Less pollution, and people are actually learning how to interact with their family members and friends.

Stay safe and please think of others in all you do. Be mindful when shopping knowing that the medical staff are too busy saving lives to go shopping, so leave them some supplies also. Even better, I challenge shopping chains to dedicate sections for only medical staff and the elderly so that they cal always get what they are looking for

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