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Licence to grill … stupid users

“Hello, You’re speaking with Simon – or rather, Version 3.1 recurring” “Sorry?” my user asks. “Version 3.1 recurring. Speaking.” “Can’t you just give me Office 2003 back?” he whines. “Sorry, Office 2003 is ancient history – like calculator watches, white … Continue reading

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Installing Windows 7 on A Netbook

Installing Windows on a machine without a CD/DVD drive has always been a bit tricky, and you’d think that “geared towards netbooks” would imply that Microsoft made this process a little easier. Well, they didn’t, so you’ll still have to … Continue reading

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The Protection of State Information Bill – Secrecy bill

(Campaigners) against the bill have presented a threat to the rights of the grassroots poor as one to the media IF WE want to protect our freedoms, we need to make sure they are not seen as the concern of … Continue reading

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