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Disturbing Fashion…or is it?

I’ve never understood why men sag their pants, not ashamed to show their boxers let alone their underwear. There was a place and time for all this back in the day, did it once and didn’t like or undertsand why … Continue reading

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UEFA Champions League Final – Rome

It’s pre-final jitters now as we draw closer to the most anticipated European Cup final in a very long time. Manchester United, kings of the English Premiership 2008-2009 season square it off against Barcelona who are the Spanish La Liga … Continue reading

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Certificate Error – Exchange 2007

I had this issue for a while after installing Exchange 2007 whereby users would always get a cert error whenever they launched Outlook. If you have installed Exchange 2007 Client Access Servers in your organization, and if you have installed … Continue reading

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Parallel Worlds

I know some of you might think of this as far fetched, but ever given it some thought…the fact that some things are just to weird to be true. Things like de-ja vu (a moment experienced that seems to have … Continue reading

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This Made My Morning 10 Times Over

Thanks Chris M. for this…just had to share it with my readers.

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TV Series: My View on Terrorism

How about that readers…I just can’t see what lesson is there to be learnt when nowadays the big money making tv series are all about terrorism. When did such a harsh topic become so lucritive? I watch shows like Sleeper … Continue reading

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Tweetdeck…Such A Cool App

Hey, I’m sure by now all of you (my readers) are on twitter? And if so, please send me a follow request so that we can keep intouch status-wise 😉 . Anyway, I  just thought I’d share with you the … Continue reading

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United Lift Premiership Trophy

Hats off gents, to the boys in red and their manager Sir Alex Fergusson. It was a tough season with some good competition from all teams…including Stoke and Hull, Middlesborough and West Brom. I have to hand it also to … Continue reading

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Relationship Woes

It’s been a while since I touched on the relationship bug and I think my readers need to hear this…espacially coming from a guy. The time is 20H30 and the jitters begin. I’m at a pub having a Friday evening … Continue reading

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T.I’s Road To Redemption

Been watching the all new series T.I’s Road to Redemption Ep 1 and I must say it is an eye opener. Good to see this side of T.I…the side that really get’s in touch with the people in the streets, … Continue reading

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